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Repairing & Replacing Broken Outlets

Have you been experiencing issues with your outlets or have you been told that it is time to replace your outlets? If so, the Los Angeles outlet installation experts at Brentwood Electrical Contractors can help. Many homes, especially those which were built several decades ago and have not been upgraded, are still fitted with older outlets.

Although many of these outlets do not experience issues, some have trouble keeping up with the demand for newer electrical appliances. At Brentwood Electrical Contractors, our Los Angeles electricians can assist you with the repair and installation of new outlets.

Signs Your Outlets Need To Be Repaired

The most obvious sign of a need for outlet repair is when you plug something in and it simply won't work. However, there may be lesser signs which may indicate a need for an electrical inspection and repair. It is important that you never attempt to open an outlet yourself, as it can be extremely dangerous without the proper training and tools.

A Few Signs Your Outlets May Need To Be Repaired Include:

  • Sparks fly when you plug something in
  • Your devices aren't working at full capacity
  • Plugs fall out of your outlets easily
  • Outlets are difficult to put plugs in or out of

Why Do Plugs Fall Out of Outlets?

There are two possible reasons your outlets won’t hold a plug: the plug’s prongs are misshapen, or the outlet’s contact points are damaged. Try multiple plugs; if they all fall out of the outlet, then it’s likely the contact points. Outlet contact points are designed to hold plugs in place, but they do wear out over time. However, they also go bad due to bad wiring, which give off heat that damage the contacts until they’re useless.

Repairing loose outlets is an issue of safety, not just convenience. If you do have bad wiring or sparking inside your outlets, a straightforward replacement will allow our Brentwood electricians to take a look at what’s going on in your electrical system to solve the problem for good.

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is it normal for an outlet to get warm?

No, the outlets in your home should feel the same as the temperature in the room. If your outlet is warm or hot to the touch it’s an indication of a problem, such as an overloaded circuit. An overloaded circuit or outlet is dangerous and can lead to a fire, so it’s important you address the issue right away. While the cause of the overheated outlet can vary, it’s important to have a professional electrician inspect your home to determine the source of the issue, how to resolve it, and helpful tips for preventing it in the future.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Outlets

Older outlets are not grounded, which means they are not as safer as newer outlets. They also have to work much harder to meet the demands of newer, high-powered devices and appliances. If you have noticed cords falling out of the wall or flickering lights, your outlets may be beyond repair and require replacement. When old outlets are left in place too long, it can lead to potential hazards like house fires or shock.

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