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Enhance Your Home with Smart Lighting

At Brentwood Electrical Contractors, we understand just how important it is to have quality lighting in your home. Good lighting is an essential part of our lives, and one of the ways we can make things easier, convenient, and more accessible is by installing programmable lighting control systems.

Benefits of Programmable Lighting Control Systems

Our team is fully certified in the design, installation, and sale of Lutron lighting products and we have been working on electrical services in Los Angeles since 1953. This experience has made us incredibly knowledgeable in how best to install and create a lighting solution that is efficient in your home.

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Lighting Controls?

  • Promotes energy-efficient lighting solutions
  • Auto dimmers can be programmed to your specifications and the occasion
  • Auto dimmers can also adjust their power based on the time of day
  • Some lighting control systems can sense when a person enters and leaves the room
  • Dynamic lighting is designed to offer ambiance, by accentuating the features of the space and is designed to make occupants comfortable
  • Provides total control to customize the appearance and comfort level of your space

Lutron is known for providing products and lighting solutions that are focused on quality as well as comfort in your home. The level of control you have right in your fingertips allows you to transform the space for whatever situation and occasion and makes the lighting much more functional and efficient to work with.

We are Lutron authorized providers with more than 63 years of bringing light to Los Angeles. Learn more about how lighting control can help you below!

Explore Lutron Lighting Control Options for Your Home

Lutron lighting control products serve to create more energy-efficient solutions. You can create the right ambiance—dimming the lights or making the room brighter—all with the touch of a button. Lutron offers a wide variety of selections for many different applications. Some of the most popular products for single room controls include the Caséta Wireless, Maestro Wireless, Energy TriPak, myRoom, GRAFIK Eye QS, GRAFIK Eye 3000, and more!

Comprehensive Lutron Lighting Solutions for Every Need

  • Stand alone controls
  • Sensors
  • Single room controls
  • Whole home systems
  • Whole building systems
  • Shading systems
  • Fixture solutions
  • Fluorescent ballasts
  • LED drivers

Many people often choose the Lutron lighting control systems for energy-saving features, as well as a noted increase in productivity, ease of comfort and convenience, and vastly improved safety and security, and the ability to personalize the features. Lutron has been a long-standing leader and an innovator in the lighting control industry for over 50 years, with a focus on providing superior, higher-quality goods, a dedication to innovation, and taking care of the people and company who develop and use the products. Brentwood Electrical Contractors is an authorized provider for Lutron, which means we have completed the certification training to design, sell, and install the products.

Why Partner with Brentwood Electrical Contractors for Your Lighting Needs?

As Los Angeles electrical contractors at Brentwood Electrical Contractors, we pride ourselves on providing quality, exceptional service, while remaining courteous and professional. Our technicians are all licensed, and we remain accessible and responsive whenever you have a question or issue that needs our attention. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services and products. If you have any questions about lighting control systems and Lutron products, please do not hesitate to give us a call today!

We offer free estimates on all services. Call today at (310) 935-0674 to learn more about lighting control systems in Los Angeles.

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